Thursday 7th of July

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What a day! Am getting more tired as the week goes on with work plus more sore, so really didn't want to exercise today. I decided to forego the walk and was planning on grovelling when I posted.

But something funny happened when I got home, I actually wanted to go for a walk. I craved a bit of exercise! What's all that about? I'm not going to complain! It's a good feeling!

Started off thinking I'd visit Mum & Dad and take a very short walk to their Tesco, but then decided to shake it up a bit and walk to the one near me. It's part of the 13 mile route I will be doing on the 30th of July. So exercise plus practise, bargain.

You can view the route by clicking here Am pleased to report it was just over 4 miles. Broken up with a Tesco mini shopping interlude plus a sit outside to drink a diet coke, eat a fruit bowl and July's issue of Slimming World mag. Which incidentally was what I went out for, purchase then realised I already had it! Think I'm going senile!

So that is the end of my first 7 days. Only three more weeks until the BIG WALK! By my reckoning, I've clocked up 18 miles this week. Not bad for someone 3 months out from total abdominal hysterectomy (none of this keyhole stuff for me!)

Roll on next days! Wish me luck!

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