Monday 11th to Thursday 14th July

I feel like a very lazy blogger just like I said in my last Midnight Walk post. The trouble is, there is a life outside of social media and the days move on very quickly. Before you know it the week has gone and you haven't written a word!

However, that's ok. If I wasn't busy doing stuff (oh and working!) I wouldn't have things and experiences to write about. So I am sorry if I've disappointed but hey, real life sometimes get's in the way.

Busy Bee

But onwards and upwards to this week. I have been busy at work, out and about visiting people at two of our companies offices which means no formal training registered.

I have however enjoyed using my new pedometer. It's been worn mostly just inside my shirt so it isn't obvious and I'm not knocking it about all the time. Been interesting trying to increase my steps. The ploy to walk to the office networked printer has worked (81 steps each way) Going to the furthest water fountain has too (147 steps each way) and using a smaller cup, so there are more journeys!

My footstep count and kilometre's walked are:-

Monday 11th July          1560 steps - 1.1 km
Tuesday 12th July         4218 steps - 2.9 km
Wednesday 13th July   3410 steps - 2.4 km
Thursday 14th July        4197 steps - 2.9 km

Wednesday and Thursday I was out of my office, visiting two others, so being out of my normal environment meant I was more active. Something to explore going forward maybe?

It looks like I'm averaging 2.5 km just generally, so need to fit 7000 steps into my day to reach the magic 10,000 a day target. Doable? Don't know, but can feel another goal being worked into my plan!
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