Saturday 2nd of July

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Oh my goodness, today was really hard, physically and emotionally.

I completed the Midnight Walk (just!) in 2009 and I didn't prepare enough at all. You know after you have given birth, you remember how much it hurt, but it was worth it because of the end result? Well that's how I feel about it looking back. It hurt, it was hard, but worth it.

However there is one part of the route which sticks in my mind and I am not looking forward to it. Its the last mile and half or so which will be my nemesis.

This is the part of the route I am least looking forward to and realise I need to mentally prepare myself if I have any chance of success. So I've decided to practise this bit  two or three times to help me replace the negative feeling and thoughts with more positive ones.

So today was my first attempt. I parked at the finish line, walked into the city centre then picked the route up from where I remember I had my first meltdown! If you want to take a look, click here

As soon as I rounded the corner, it felt like I'd hit a brick wall. And I had, an emotional one. It's up a long hill and in 2009 it nearly killed me. I was in tears, everything hurt, I wanted it to stop, but I was only a mile or so from sucess, so battled on.

Today I could feel all the negative feelings flooding in and dragging me down. (not helped by the fact its a very warm day) So I gave myself a proverbial shake and started the mantra 'I feel good and I can do this' and continued saying it as I plodded on

I felt relief and elation wash over me when I could see my little silver car shimmering in the heat. Now that is the feeling I need to remember ( and forget 2009) and pull strength from on the 30th of July.

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  1. I'm immensely proud of you Fay. I know how much of a challenge this is to you and how you dread doing this. I know I couldn't even attempt this when I was fighting fit, let alone recovering from the health issues you've had this year. And I know MrC is also proud of you for persevering!

    We'll all be rooting for you as you go round on the 30th, and know that you'll cross the finish line with that familiar "determined glint in the eye"! Go Fay!