Meal Planning Monday - 4th of July

Military precision went into this week's meal planning

I went off the grid Slimming World wise last week and ate rather a lot of chocolate and cake so have put 6lbs on! Not only do I need to knuckle down and get back on the healthy eating plan, but I'm also back to work for the first time in 3 months!

I'm also in training for a 13 mile walk in less than a month! (I don't do things my half!) A lot of pressure, which means I need to arrange everything and leave nothing to chance to increase my chances of success!

I follow the Slimming World diet, and they advocate writing everything down in a food diary, I will be going back to that, plus this week I am also detailing breakfast and lunches (I am leaving no room for error!) Am sure once I see the scales going in the right direction and I'm more comfortable back at work, I will be able to be a little more relaxed.

So with military precision we have:-

Breakfast - Omelet
Lunch - Scan Bran with soft cheese, yogurt and fruit
Dinner - Chickpea and red roasted pepper pilaff

Breakfast - Loaded grilled bacon sandwich on wholemeal bread
Lunch - left over Chickpea Pilaff, fruit and yogurt
Dinner - Vegetable stir fry with rice noodles and SW sweet & sour sauce

Breakfast - Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast 
Lunch - Rice noodle salad (left overs!) yogurt and fruit
Dinner - Beef and tomato slow cooker casserole with couscous and vegetables

Breakfast - cheese omelet 
Lunch - left over beef casserole and scan bran and fruit
Dinner - Butter Chicken and rice

Breakfast - grapefruit pieces and boiled egg
Lunch - couscous salad, fruit and yogurt
Dinner - Gammon and SW chips, plus salad

Breakfast - Omelet with saute potatoes (left overs from the chips) 
Lunch - pasta salad
Dinner - Homemade burgers, peri peri wedges and salad

Breakfast - Slimming World Full English 
Lunch - not planning much, so probably fruit
Dinner - Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables

Think if I stick to this not only will I not want to snack, I won't have room!!!!

Please pop over to the lovely At Home with Mrs M for lots of other delicious meal plans!

Fingers crossed for some weight loss this week, wish me luck!

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