Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd July


Tuesday 19th
Lazy day today, no exercise! Therefore no surprise the step count was only 2033 with 1.4km walked all day! Must try harder!

Wednesday 20th
Made an effort today and spent over an hour on the treadmill to increase my step count. Watched Torchwood on the TV, so the time soon flew by! Manged 7.2 km and a massive 10,146km

Thursday 21st
Another motivated today, so went onto the treadmill after work, but was quite tired so didn't manage the required 10,000 steps. 40 minutes of walking resulted in (plus the step completed at work) 8,861 and 6.2km

Friday 22nd
No training, so a lowly 2.6 km walked with 3,739 steps

Saturday 23rd
Been cooking all day, so although I have been on my feet for most of it, steps are not included (my kitched is tiny!) so only 3,132 steps and 2.2 km

However on a more important note, the fund raising has gone well! I'm upto £360!

Still more to go to reach the target, so please donate by visting my Just Giving Site 'www.justgiving.com/fay-Churchward'

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