Monday 4th of July

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Phew.....what a day, the first one back to work and am so glad I'm working on a phased return schedule.  Just four hours a day for the first week and am only just realising how hard the getting back to work is going to be. Am fortunate my company allow this approach, others people aren't able to lucky.

So being back to work meant I wasn't able to go out for a work, so took advantage of the treadmill.

I managed a whole 1.7km, which in old money is 1 mile. It took 20 minutes and I was pooped at the end of it! Was very disappointed when I converted the distance. Don't think I will be able to maintain a 20 minute walking mile for the midnight walk! My little legs were very tired at the end it!

I did however start the speed at 3.5km per hour, increasing it to 6km gradually and dropping it down when it started to hurt.

Tomorrow I will go for the walk in the morning, maybe I can go a bit further then (here's hoping!)

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