Friday 1st of July

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Friday 1st of July
Beautiful day and I managed to get my chores done early so decided to go for a walk around Saltram House. It not very far in the car, has some lovely walks around the grounds with a couple of hills to get your heart racing. Tried to drum up a walking partner but failed miserably, so was billy no-mates.

On the way there though I changed the route a bit, and tagged a mile or two on! Here is the route via (click here to view) It's telling me it was 9.82 miles! I am gobsmacked and can't quite believe it. I felt I had pushed things a bit but not 9.82 miles of pushing! Am sure the measuring is wrong, will try harder next time to get things a little more accurate!

Either way, it was a great start to the training and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So keep checking back to see how I am getting on!

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