Meal Planning Monday w/c 19th August - fridge leftovers

Meal Planning Monday
Back to Slimming World weigh in today and was pleasantly surprised with just 3lb increase. Considering I haven't managed to make it to class for four weeks, that wasn't bad at all! 

This week's menu, and linking up with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday, was driven very much by 'what've I not used up in the fridge?'

Chickpea rice and vegetables (Syn Free)
Bolognaise sauce with pasta (Syn Free)
Egg Salad (Syn Free)
Gnocchi & spicy sauce (1.5 syns for the gnocchi)
Potato curry and rice (Syn Free)
Grilled chicken with mushroom and tomatoes (Syn Free)
Homemade burger, slimming world chips and mango salsa (6 syns for the wholemeal roll)

Had loads of potatoes, tomatoes and peppers nearly on the turn, so they helped with the curry and the bolognaise.

Wish me luck with weigh in next week and if you've any low syn goodies I can enjoy to keep me on the straight and narrow, please let me know! 

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Meal Planning Monday w/c 12th August Simple and Tasty

Meal Planning Monday

My meal plans have been written down, but not posted recently as I've been all over the shop, at sixes and seven's, and just not gotten around to publishing.

Here is this week's

Tomato burgers & vegetable rice

Cauliflower and broccoli cheesy bake

Burger and sweet potato wedges

Chickpea rice & veg

Potato salad, chicken & salad


Egg salad

All syn free, which is a good job, the weight is still creeping up. Feet are swollen too, seeing my GP next week so will see if this is usual and try not to worry until then.

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