Dandelions, Buttercups and Daisies

Not been the best of week's in our family.  The news came through that Joy's cancer has progressed to stage 4. Sometimes a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and I've been struggling with the news.

I know I'm guilty of overthinking, so I've been trying to keep busy and engineer things so I'm not alone. But my poor dog has felt the brunt, as I was reluctant to take him out for a walk, my best (or worse) time for thinking through problems.

Finally bit the bullet and took the poor canine out, determined to not cry, determined to just enjoy the moment. The sun was out, the dog was making me smile with his enthusiasm for being out and sniffing everything in sight.

I stayed close to home and giving him chance to sniff meant a slow walk, giving me time to enjoy my neighbours gardens. Flowers are blooming, trees have new young leaves and lush green lawns.

I passed several lawns, some beautifully tended and others a little more ragged. When I looked closely, the grass was a little too long, full of dandelions, daisies and buttercups. I remember telling the time blowing the seeds as a child, running after the fairies with my sister. Making daisy chains and arguing over whose was the best and seeing who liked butter by putting the buttercup under her chin to see the reflected sunlight, glowing yellow.

The ragged lawns, edging some gardens, technically were full of weeds. Which to some are an eyesore and nuisance. But taking a step back, I stopped focusing on the individual weed to look at the whole picture; the green grass, peppered with yellow and white flowers and fairies slowly moving in the breeze, was beautiful.

And it hit me. I need to stop focusing on the bad news and look at the bigger picture and just enjoy the landscape as a whole, live in the now and make lots of memories to look back on.

If anyone would like to help Joy a little through this, please take a look at this post