#R2BC Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Oh what a week! Lots to be thankful for, lots of reasons not to too, but this post is about celebrating the good things, so here goes!

1- My little girl received her degree results yesterday and it was a brilliant 2:1!!!! Apparently you could hear the screaming from two streets away! I am just so pleased for her. She's had a difficult year with some serious health issues But she has battled through, asked for help and continued to work hard. Now all that hard work has paid off!

Well done and congratulations Amy!

2 - This one is for me! I've survived my first week back at work! My workplace agreed to a phased return, which at the time I thought was going to be a bit OTT. A week in....and I don't! I'm only working 4 hours this week and its been hard. Who knew sitting at a desk would hurt so much (if you didn't know I'm three months out from having a total abdominal hysterectomy following early diagnosis of uterine cancer) I wasn't expecting it to hurt quite so much!

But it is great to be back, doing a job I love, and speaking to lots of lovely people on the phone & via e-mail!

3 - Now this one is going to be a shameless plug and wanted to get it out there at the get go! Before my diagnosis I had signed up for St Luke's Hospice Midnight Walk in Plymouth. 13 miles of loveliness (or the last time I did it, 8 miles of loveliness, 5 miles of hell!!!) The date in the calendar (30th of July) has been one of the things which has kept me going, something to aim for, something to train for!

So last Friday, I decided to try and ramp up the training and blog daily about it. Click here to see my progress I am pleased to report I have managed to walk 18 miles this week! Am really pleased considering I felt quite poorly and tired with going back to work.

But now for the shameless plug. I have set myself a target of £500 to raise. If you could donate or share my link to help me reach it I would be grateful. My experience this year has made me realise how lucky I am, but also how different things could have been. I may, if I hadn't been so fortunate, have one day needed to use this facility or something like.


So I am not going to apologise for the brazen begging!!

But don't forget to keep checking back and see how I am getting on plus all the other reasons to be cheerful on Mummy From The Heart blog

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  1. Hiya
    You are an inspiration and makes me realise to wake up and do stuff instead of bleating on about my lot way too much.
    well done to your daughter and you too as you have helped her to this day.
    If you would like to put out an appeal on my website at Celebrating Mums in our good causes section, email me on celebratingmums@live.co.uk as happy to help

  2. Hi, I am a first time visitor to your blog. Sorry to hear about your health problems over the last few months and I hope your treatment is going well. I will tweet out this link for you and try and raise some awareness. x

  3. great news for your daughter. good luck for the walk :-)