Sunday 3rd of July

Traditionally Sunday is a day of rest, and today is no exception.

Two reason
  1. It's bloody hot today and I hate walking in the heat!
  2. I go back to work tomorrow for the first time since the operation
I have used the day to rest up and plan. I'm not only training for the walk, but also following Slimming World (SW) to lose some a lot or weight. To success at SW you need to be organised, and I have found linking in with At Home with Mrs M Meal Planning Monday certainly helps!

Therefore my Meal Planning Monday is invaluable!

Because I am back at work I won't be able to pop out for a walk when the urge takes me, so have decided to take advantage of the treadmill during the week. I plan to walk for at least 30 minutes before work and another session in the evening or a spot of WiiFit yoga. Using the treadmill will mean I can ramp up the walking speed without the fear of being left stranded somewhere (I am still recovering from a full hysterectomy so need to be careful) and increase my strength

Weekends can then be devoted to practising problem areas of the route and walking longer distances.

Well, thats the plan! Let me know if you have some top tips for me.

I'd also appreciate your support and encouragement on Twitter and Facebook (lots of hugs as I'm needy like that!) But also by donating on my Just Giving pages, to shame me into completing; I don't like letting anyone down!

Check back in soon to see how I'm getting on

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