#R2BC Reasons to be Cheerful

I love writing these post's, they are just up my street. I like to review my week and pull out, celebrate and share my top things. Please go and take a look at other people's by going over to Michelle's Mummy From The Heart blog. She's had a fab week!

My list is

1 - I pushed through an invisible barrier in my battle to train for the 13 mile Midnight Walk yesterday. I managed 9.5 miles and a massive 26,615 steps. I am really starting to feel I can complete it!!!

The more training I do for it, the more I realise the main battle will be in my head (a dangerous place at the best of times!) I won't bore you with the details here (you can pop over to my blog for that!) but am feeling very proud of myself!

2 - Managed to get through my second week back at work. For anyone new to my blog I have recently had a hysterectomy following a diagnosis of uterine cancer. (Have the all clear now, don't worry!) And not only did I complete a second week, but it also included two days off site visiting a couple of our company offices.

It was brilliant to see people I hadn't for a while and catch up. Everyone has been so lovely through all of this and very supportive. Plus I actually managed to use my brain! Amazing its still there and in semi-working order!

3 - Another proud about me reason, is I stuck to the Slimming World eating plan while on my business trip! I find it really easy when out of my comfort zone and travelling for work, to slip into old and very bad habits.

But I made a real effort to stay on track. So my evening meal was at Wagamma's, noodles and vegetables, plus miso soup and those green pea things with chili salt. The plan was eat so much good stuff I wouldn't have room for their delicious white chocolate and ginger cheesecake!

Breakfast was beans on toast with fruit salad and lunch was baked potato, beans and tuna. Followed by a banana and melon pot. The ploy again, to fill up so I wouldn't want to eat the afternoon meeting treats which are put onto the board room table! It worked and I feel amazing!

4 - And last, but by no means least, I had my first get blog post on the wonderful @kateab The Five F's It was good to write the post, but scary actually reading it!

Just realised this week's post has all been about me, I am not normally this selfish, but do you know what? Its been a great one!  And for once, it is all about me, I am worth it!

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  1. Too right to post about you. Sounds like it is all go - great reasons.

    Lots of celebrate. Mich x