#R2BC Reasons to be Cheerful

One of my favourite times of the week and a chance to review and pick out the good bits. Some weeks are easier than others! But it is a good exercise in celebrating the great things which have happened. So once again, thank you to Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for the prompt each week to do it!

Here are mine (in no particular order)

1 - I came back to work after 3 months sick and was immediately embroiled into the consultancy process as my department undergoes a restructure. How does it affect me? Well, there are five people who do a similar role, which needs to go down to four. It will be heart breaking to lose someone, but we are now all resigned to it. So this is a bitter sweet reason to be cheerful when I say 'hooray! I have an interview date' I can now start planning and prepping in earnest and have a date for when this horrible time will end (silver lining thinking at its best!)

2 - Training for my Midnight Walk on the 30th of July is going well. Last week I managed 9.5 miles on the Friday and 4.5 miles on Sunday. Also in the last week I have managed to attain 10,000 steps, 4 days out of the seven. Not bad I think!

3 - I finally managed to write a post which has been going around and around in my head for a few weeks. I was personally pleased with the result (it was finally on virtual paper for a start!) but I've also received a lot of positive feedback via, e-mail, twitter and phone calls. I have been feeling the love!

The post is question was 'What's in a Word?' and featured the word nice.......a lot!

4 - My wonderful Nan is staying with my Mum & Dad on holiday for a week or two! She is 90 and such a character (read between the lines on that one!) I enjoy spending time with her, so will grab as much as I can while she is down.

Well, there you go! My cheerful reasons and I'm feeling good inside from just thinking back to my week. Why not pop over to Michelle's blog to see what other people have been getting up to?


  1. You have lots on there so well done for coping and smiling too.
    Hoping you will blog more about your Nan and your time with her.
    Huge congrats on that walking progress too. I really need to be as good as you are on things like this.
    Hope you are lucky on all fronts

  2. Fabulous, going to read your mentioned post now. Mich x