I'm lying in a bed which isn't mine at ten to one in the morning, thinking about the week I have coming up.

Monday I am in a Voice Forum meeting, which means I represent a group of people in my department and pass their feedback upto the senior leadership team. Which is why I am tossing and turning in bed which isn't mine because the meeting is in Wellingborough!

Tuesday I will be in my own office of Plymouth, but have to fit in a doctor's appointment to get a new HRT prescription, a full days work, (which includes numerous conference calls and e-mail and voicemail returning from my day out of the office) and do the weekly shop.

Wednesday I have to be in Hook, near Basingstoke, for a job interview and trying not be the one person who loses their role to redundancy. So I am fighting to keep a job, a job I love and am good at, with a company I have worked for, for over 14 years.

Thursday I have a one to one with my new manager in Hook, who I haven't met yet. She took over while I was off sick and we haven't had chance until now to meet face to face since I've been back to work (three weeks) although we have spoken on the phone.

Friday, I am hoping to have a team meeting, to find out plans going forward for the department and then drive the 3.5 hours back home.

Saturday night I am walking in a 13 Mile Midnight Walk and still haven't reached my charity target.

So I believe I can be forgiven for thinking I will be having a tough and stressful week.

But will that help me get through it? I have suffered with stress in the past (MrC nearly died 6 years ago and I needed time of work to cope and nurse) I have looked after MrC since then, and nursed him through six operations. I have battled through my own recent health issues.

This is nothing compared to then.

So to get me through this week, I will;-
- Delegate and arrange an internet shop
- Imagine the interviewer is naked so I don't get too nervous
- Remember I have an 80% chance of getting a job at the end of the process
- Sleep is for wimps
- Take each day as it comes

And remember, I got through that awful time with MrC in ICU, I can certainly get through this week.


  1. You most certainly can. There was I coming on to give you a pep talk and you have already done it yourself, I should have known better Fay!

    Try and enjoy the week for all you can, live in the moment and do not project.

    Mich x

  2. Good luck for the rest of the week - esp. Weds - though I'm sure it won't be needed. x