Monday 11th July

New working week and longer working hours. Still not full time, but will take a little while to get used too.

Decided not to do any 'formal' training as I am still sore on my leftside. Got to take notice of what my body is telling me. However I have come up with a cunning plan to get moving!!

Before I left for my operation, my printer was on the desk next to me. One good stretch, and I could lift the pages up and away. Upon my return, some three months later,  I discovered it had been removed! It's been replaced with one huge printer/copier/scanner for the whole floor. And someone appears to have put it as far away from me as it could get! (its also near the microwave and fridge. Not that that has anything to do with it, am trying to paint you a picture)

Your network ID and password need to be keyed in before it actually prints. I had been sending stuff to it in batches and only walking to the end of the office when actually needed. This made great time and motion sense. But now, if I send something to print, I'm going to walk up and get it straight away. Should add a few hundred steps to my daily figure without even really thinking about it. Should also ensure I am moving around and away from desk regularly as the pain in my side started when I returned to work. I think my body needs to get used to sitting at a desk again, but moving around will help!

So with that in mind, I paid a visit to my local Argos and bought myself a Walking Style Pedometer. It's worn around your neck or in a front pocket. I can now track not only how many miles I have walked, but how many steps taken. Should motivate me to keep moving!

Will be interesting to see if it works on the treadmill!

So although I haven't completed physical work, I have used my brain! Now that has got to have used up some calories!

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