#R2BC Reasons to be Cheerful

My favourite time of the week, to reflect and record the good things which have happened.

1 - I work for a wonderful company, and my job means I sometimes get to visit other sites. This week I was lucky enough to visit somewhere in Wellingborough that we call the 'Big Red Shed' Its our huge distribution centre, which feeds into over 40 'Little Red Shed's around the country.

I had a meeting at the office, which gave us all a chance to have a tour of the 'shed' (I should just point out, that it isn't actually red, or a shed! ) For someone whose job is primarily organising other people or resources to be places, I was in heaven! It was so tidy, so organised and efficient! It was a pleasure to behold in all its glory.

Okay, so I'm a bit of a geek, but I have never seen anything done so well on this scale before and it was just mind blowing!

Got a feeling it might only be me which appreciated this reason to be cheerful this week!

2 - I've managed my first full working week and although I'm tired (which could be down to spending 3 nights away from home, plus 16 hours in total driving) I survived and it feels great. Can see my life getting back to normal!!!

3 - Tomorrow is the long awaited and planned 13 Mile Midnight Walk. I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be a brilliant evening.

But what I'm cheerful about is that I am only £45 short of my total. I'm just overjoyed at the generosity, some of which have been from people who I have never met in person! If anyone reading this would like to push that total a little more for me, then please visit my just giving pages


Added note at 29th Friday 22:21
Just surpassed my original target of £500!!!! Thank you! But have just added £100 to it, can you do it? YES YOU CAN!

Hopefully next week I will be telling you all about my night! In the meantime, don't forget to hop on over to Michelle's Mummy From The Heart for other reasons to be cheerful

And I will leave you with my favourite picture from this week!

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  1. You will be all ready for your walk by now, or even walking already (I'm not sure, enjoy!) and a big well done on all that money raised.

    Mich x