Friday 15th of July

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Getting There
 Today was a proper training day! After work Amy and I walked part of the Midnight Walk, the same as last weeks but were aiming to add a bit more on.

The weather was messing me about as I really didn't want to walk in the rain, but luckily it stopped and we decided to chance it. If it should start pouring down, we'd call in the support car (MrC!)

So we set off and the first couple of miles seemed to whizz by, practising the route does seem to help me physcologically. However I was struggling around 4 miles. I think the fact I had worked longer hours this week and not getting back from an off site meeting until 9pm the night before was catching up with me.

But soldiered on, the weather held out and we reached our end spot last week (Sainsbury, Marsh Mills) and had a comfort break! I really didn't want to carry on. I hurt all over, and was very tired, but knew if I didn't, it would just make it so much harder for next time. I am beginning to really appreciate the battle in my mind is what will make the difference on the day.

So, I bought a chocolate bar for quick energy release (and make me feel better) slurp of my diet coke and carried on, through the rain!!! The heaven's decided to open at the worst time, but I was determined to push through that invisible barrier. I don't want to let anyone who has sponsored me down on the day. I just kept repeating 'I can do this' and 'Think of the money' over and over in my head!

God it felt great, when I looked back at the distance and realised I hadn't just done another half a mile as I whispered and promised to myself, but at least double that!

Finally called it a day when we realised the time, and called MrC for a lift, but we weren't far from town at all! Amy and I managed 9.5 miles (to view the route click here) plus a massive 26,615 steps for the day!

Feel amazing to have completed that much, but also proud for physically and mentally pushing myself!

But OMG! I hurt when I got home ALL OVER! My poor feet! Am hoping the more I do, the pain will lessen! Please tell me that is so!

So, I am calling on you the reader to help me overcome the barriers in my head and my body by going over to my Just Giving Page and being another person I don't want to let down by donating some money. Go on, you know you want to!

And please, pass it on

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