Listography - 5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

All my friends and family know I love a good list. So I really enjoy Kate Takes Five Listography. This week the Listography has been hijacked looked after by Keith of Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad fame.

The theme this week is '5 things I want to do this summer' influenced in part by the school summer holidays looming. Here are my five:

1 - I want to have a few days in London and do some more of the touristy things. I've had a couple of city breaks in the big smoke and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the atmosphere, getting to see all the landmarks and eating out in new places. The next on my list I want to explore (see what I did there?!) in no particular order are London Zoo, St Paul's Cathedral, Highgate Cemetery and Tower of London (again!)

2 - I want to raise my target sponsorship of £500 for The St Lukes Midnight Walk happening on the 30th of July. And then actually complete it! The last three months have been a struggle physically following my cancer fight and I've had some wonderful support. I want to help give something back.
If you are interested in sponsoring me (or have some rich friends or companies who would like to donate for tax purposes (I'm not proud!)) you can,by going to my Just Giving Pages

3 - Get myself back to The Eden Project. While recuperating I finally got to see it for the first time, and loved it! Managed to go four times in two weeks but still haven't seen everything. If you are ever in Cornwall, its got to go on your list of 'must see's'

4 - Lose more weight! I have managed to lose over 3 stone, but want to have dropped another by my birthday which is 2nd of September (just in case anyone wants to send me a card!) The training for number 2 will help!

5 - And finally I would love to spend some time with my wonderful sister. We don't get to spend enough together as we live at opposite ends of the country. She is my best friend and laugh so much when together. I'm very lucky to know her, let alone be related. I think she is an inspiration and I aspire to be more like her (even though she is my little sister and that should be the other way around!)

So there are my five, what are yours? If you want to join in, let me know in the comments, or blog it and link back to Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad where you will find lots of others!


  1. Lovely list, Fay. Thanks for joining in. I'd love to go to the Eden Project with the kids. Sounds like it's a must-do on the list of life experiences. And I will happily sponsor you. Best of luck with it x

  2. great list, I sometimes ponder the idea of doing the tourist thing in London, really must put my thoughts into motion with that one!

  3. I really like your list, very positive!