Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 24

Do you know what guys? I have had a great week! If you forget about work issues and possible redundancy, looking back its all been good. So was a struggle to think of just three things. However here are the ones which came to the front of my mind

1 - Visted the Eden Project I live in Plymouth, just over an hour away, so have no idea why I have never been before. It was brilliant, I can't wait to go back and would recommend to anyone. I think it's a case of not appreciating all the things you have right on your doorstep

2 - Had a brilliant walk with my Mum on Monday was about 4 miles. We had a great time just chatting and walking, nosing at people's houses and then admiring the view of the Hoe. I've mapped it if you'd like to take a look! Click here to see it.

The downside to it though was we were both sunburnt! I wrote on Twitter " What's black and white and red all over? A sunburnt panda" Why did I say that? Because I had negative panda eyes where I'd been wearing sunglasses! A great look....not!

3 - My lovely daughter moved all her stuff back in this week. She moved out nearly three years ago to start her university life taking a degree in Toxicology at Plymouth University. She made the decision to rent throughout the summer months as well. So this is her first time back living with us. And its not going to be easy!

When she left she was cocky teenager who thought she knew it all and had attitude!  She's coming back as  young confident woman with a busy social life and a wide range of friends and interests,her own views and considered opinions. We have got to get used to the fact she isn't our little girl anymore!

And it although it will be difficult for everyone to get used to it, there may be a few misunderstandings, tears, tantrums and arguements (and that's just MrC) I am so looking forward to having my best friend back under the same roof as me!

So on that note I will leave you to peruse and enjoy's others simply brilliant reasons on Mummy From the Heart blog


  1. So glad it has been a great week.

    I recall moving back home after finishing Uni and I used to ask Mum if I could go out at night and she would laugh at me, I was 22 but had fallene back into feeling liek a little girl again!

    Mich x

  2. I moved back home after 4 years at uni - after 3 years my parents paid a house deposit to get rid of me ;-)

  3. how lovely to have your daughter home. i always loved coming home to be looked after.

  4. Love that your daughter is still your best friend. Gives me hope that me and my 7 year old will retain that feeling in the future.
    Walking is good and your Panda bit made my laugh.
    Eden Project is amazing so you brought back sweet memories of our day there
    My try is at

  5. Glad you've had such a good week and how wonderful to have your daughter back x

  6. Those are great reasons :)

    Ooh, and I've been to the Eden Project!!! It was a couple of weeks before I gave birth and it was unbelievable hot, but it was brilliant!

    Hehe, hope there aren't too many fights when your daughter moves back in. I find that even if you go back to mummy an independent adult, you still revert back to being mummy's little girl. It's just natural :) xXx

  7. Oh I love this post - me and my Mum argue too sometimes but we love each other like you two do.

    Sorry about the reverse panda sunburn.

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Eden Project.

    Must dash - I am going to try and visit every R2BC

    Liska x

  8. Fab post, and 3 lovely reasons to be cheerful. I am planning on going to the Eden Project this summer.