Meal Planning Monday w/c 27th of June

I can't believe its Monday already, where did the last week go! It's time for meal planning Monday again, inspired by the wonderful At Home With Mrs M Go and give her site a look for other meal plans to inspire you!

Herbed chicken with roasted peppers, tomato and sweet potato wedges (Syn Free)
Chickpea and roasted red pepper pilaf (2.5 Syns)
Stir fry vegetables and rice noodles (Syn Free)
Butter chicken (Syn Free!)
Sticky 5-spice gammon (1 Syn)
Cheesy pasta and bacon (Syn Free if use cheese as HE)
Jacket Potato, beans and ham (Syn Free)

As usual, I'm following Slimming World plan (Extra Easy), although following a 'a little melt down' I've decided to give myself a little bit of holiday. So for snacks and lunches I'll be a little less strict. Happily, I enjoy the Slimming World recipes so much the main meals are staying on plan!

Don't forget for more inspiration, take a quick look at At Home With Mrs M and fingers crossed I won't have put on too many pounds with my break from plan!


  1. This looks lovely :) My mum is following Slimming World (I am more of a Rosemary Conley girl!) and gave me a few recipes which I am using in my meal planning this week (rice stuffed peppers, spicy chicken fried rice, coronation chicken). SW recipes are always so tasty and never seem to compromise - I can see why it is a successful programme :)

  2. Fay - loving the look of your meals (although officially, since I'm a dedicated WWer, we should be sworn enemies :-)) )

    A little break from the plan never does a great deal of harm - it's the failing to get back on that does the damage (speaking from a great deal of experience!) and it sounds like you are easing yourself back in gently which is the best way.