Meal Planning Monday - 6th of June

I know it's Tuesday....but it been a busy week for me already, better late than never to link with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday!

Last week was reasonably successful, even though I did change the meals a bit because the weather caught me by surprise (It was actually warm and sunny) so substituted a couple with homemade coleslaw and potato salad!

Last weeks Slimming World Thai Chicken Curry was a resounding success (so much so the left overs were frozen and make another showing this week!) Will post the recipe later this week for anyone interested. Please sign up for automated notifications if you are.

So to this weeks meal planner (All Slimming World type recipes)

Steak, SW chips and salad
Lemon Chicken and coriander couscous
Creamy cheese and bacon pasta
Gammon, pineapple, sweet potato wedges and fried egg
Thai Chicken Curry and rice (from the freezer)
Roast chicken, roast potatoes and parsnip and vegetables
Homemade burger, wholemeal roll, tomato salsa and rice salad

I have also discovered something called scandinavian bran which slimming world devotees lovingly called scan bran. It looks a bit like small ryvita, but tastes....a bit like cardboard. Was introduced to it on Twitter as it helps fill you up! I tried the banana cake recipe and it is surprisingly tasty (especially if you want cake but without the fats and lower sugar) Its only 13 syns, for the whole cake! To put that into perspective Tesco Banana Cake is 8 syns per slice. I've made a batch in bun cases to be frozen for snack attacks!

Lunches will be salads and left overs, breakfasts, eggs, lean bacon and tomatoes. I've also perfected homemade SW houmous, so that's snacks sorted!

Oh, I managed to lose a 1lb this week! Result!

Have a great week and don't forget to check out other meal planners on Mrs M's blog!

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  1. Your meal is making my hungry! I could eat of all of that right now.

    Well done on your weight loss this week!