Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 23

I've been a bad blogger! Planned loads in my head, three or four on paper, but haven't actually commited and posted one since Monday.

Well Mummy from the Heart will get back into the swing with her wonderful Reasons to be Cheerful

So here are my three things to be cheerful for this week.

My wonderful daughter Amy has been studying Toxicology at the University Plymouth and is awaiting her finals result. We are all on tenderhooks, because healthwise she hasn't had the best of year. She has worked hard and tried her best and that is all you can ask of anyone. However she did find out this week that for her oral dissertation presentation she received a first! Goes some way towards the final results.

Well done Amy!

Now this one may seem a bit odd, but bear with me. Earlier in the week my department was put into consultation, in preparation for making changes and redundancies. My role is one which is affected, so I need to decide if I want to put myself forward for it and then hope I am successful. There is a chance I won't be and will be made redundant, not good in this climate.

But on the flip side of this bombshell, its given me the impetus to actually examine what I want from a job and I'm thankful to discover I'm working somewhere I want to be, with wonderful people and love my job. How many people can actually say that? And if I don't end up with a role or decide to leave, I can take those experiences with me and build it somewhere else.

I'm still recuperating from my operation and don't go back to my brilliant job until the 4th of July. I am using the time wisely to build up my strength and stamina. It's a hard slog but I'm getting there. Am still planning on completing the 13 mile midnight walk for St Lukes Hospice on the 30th of July (everyone says I am crazy.......major surgery, what are you thinking? 13 miles?? .......That's half a marathon!! You are mad!!!) But I'm getting a buzz from raising money for this worthwhile cause and its giving me something to aim for.

Today I reached a milestone, I managed to walk 3 miles without a break! I am not sure if I will be able to actually complete the event, but will give it my best shot. If anyone is interested in helping me keep motivated, please donate at my Just Giving Pages, even if its just a pound, they all count!

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  1. Wonderful reasons - and a First?! Your daughter must be a genius!

  2. Well done on your walk today - great achievement & you should be proud of yourself for even attempting 13 miles. Good luck x

  3. well done, and to your daughter. My daughter came top of her year in Politics in her mocks so we too are on tender hooks. keep going really proud.

  4. Fantastic, so happy for your daughter with her oral exam, hope the rest goes well too.

    As for the job, if it is meant to be it will work out and as you love it there, I am sure they love you back.

    Have a great weekend, Mich x

  5. Well they are certainly things to be happy about!
    Wish your daughter the best of luck in her exams.
    13miles! That will be some accomplishment to walk after major surgery - you go girl!