Listography Goes Travelling

Thought as I missed the last theme of Decisions (sorry, I just couldn't decide what to include...boom boom!) I should definitely give Kate Takes 5 Travelling and 'The Top Five Places I'd Like to Visit a go this week!

I don't even own a passport, visiting far flung places hasn't been something I have ever been able to contemplate (for various very boring reasons), but it hasn't stopped me from thinking and planning amazing trips 'for when I retire!'

So five places I would like to travel to are:-

Egypt and the Pyramids

Every since 'we did' Tutankhamun in Mrs Catwright's history class I have been fascinated. The Egyption civilisation just captivated me then and still does now.

The Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, it must be an amazing sight. The numbers sound huge (The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,000 feet / 1,800 metres)) but they just can't do justice to actually seeing it for yourself. I can't begin to imagine what it actually looks like.

The Great Wall of China

A wonder of the world which just blows my mind when you think of the technology (or lack of it) used to build it and how old it is. Amazing! Its also something else which I have read about but the numbers mean nothing until I can see it for myself.

To travel to and travel across a glacier

Don't mind where (but obviously it would be somewhere cold!) but want to see for myself something which has and continues to shape the landscape. Britain would not look like it does if it wasn't for the work the glaciers of the great ice age did in transforming it. The hugeness of it, the fact its moving, albeit slowly and the beauty but danger of it appeals to me. And if you believe everything your read about global warming, we may not have any left soon!

Easter Island

Again another civilisation which is no longer. I think the huge sculptures are mesmerising and at the same time so sad. It's believed this race of people used all their natural resources in their quest to put up these huge blocks of stone. They ran out of tree's, which they needed to move the massive structures into place. This in turn meant they had no material to build shelter and more importantly to keep themselves warm and fed.

So there you go, my five places I want to visit. I apologise now if they duplicate any of the others you can see on Kate Takes Five pages. I purposely didn't read any before I put mine together. But I'm going to take a peek at them now, and suggest you do too!


  1. Yeah great choices and like you said we match 2. I did Egypt while travelling, we saw the pyramids on horseback and galloped round them. Old Tut was in the Egyptian museum so we saw him & his sarcophycos (I know that is spelt very wrong!). If you ever make it to Egypt you must also try & see the Valley of the Kings & Aswan. All amazing. Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Great list. Do you know I never knew anything about Easter Island? Pretty amazing stuff.

  3. Awesome list. They're all on mine.

    If I was to do a Top 6, Easter Island would be on it. x

  4. Easter Island. Eggs-cellent choice :) Great list, Fay.

  5. Ooooo, Easter Island! I would love that! And damn, the Great Wall of China is a very good choice.

    I've been to the Grand Canyon and it was the most awe-inspiring place ever; the silence is so peaceful.

    Great list.

  6. oh wow love your list! A friend of mine just got back from seeing the Grand Canyon. His pictures would make anyone super jealous! Try southern Argentina (Tierra del Fuego) for amazing glaciers... I wanted to sign up for this half-marathon on the Great Wall of China... maybe someday. We can dream!