Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

It's been a bit of a roller coaster week for me and I think this is reflected in the post. At times I have struggled to remain 'glass half full'

1- First and foremost, I have some amazing friends, both on Twitter and real life (you know what I mean!) and they have all rallied around when I had a bad day and I couldn't cope. I don't think anyone can appreciate how much a virtual {{{hug}}} or a 'I'm here for you tweet' can make a difference until you have been on the receiving end. So I am thankful to everyone who's there for me.

2 - I went to the Eden Project again this week and had a fabulous time snapping photo's. I have inherited MrC's old camera and after never having a 'good' one before been enjoying playing around with it. What do you think?

3 - I am so lucky to still have a grandparent and grateful my kids have gotten to know their great grandparents. We sadly lost my Pap in October, but my Nan is going from strength to strength at the ripe old age of 90!
She lives in the Midlands, but since Pap died she has joined some clubs, one of which have taken her on holiday to Teignmouth this week.
So Dad and I drove up to see her and bring her back for some lunch. I haven't seen her since Christmas, so it was a lovely treat!

She doesn't look her age does she??? I think at this point she was talking about getting a toy boy!

So although I haven't had the best week, there are always clouds and silver linings!

Please pop over to the wonderful Michelle of Mummy From The Heart fame and see what has made other people cheerful this week.


  1. She looks great. Maybe we could team her up with our uncle (see my blog post!) !!!!

  2. Yes and it is so important to take part in Reasons to be Cheerful on the bleaker weeks. Good reasons and I am certain you are blessed to have that woman in your life. I too find cyber friends get me throught the harder times.

  3. Wow, your nan really does look good for 90! Sounds like a great lady.

    I love the Eden project! Your pictures remind me of a great day we had their a couple of weeks before little 'un was born. Great photos! The vibrant colours remind me that I really need a new camera.

    I'm also glad you've taken comfort in offline and cyber pals. I struggle to be open when things are rough, but the times I have on my blog I've been so grateful for the suppportive comments. I hope the glass remains half full for you at least most of the time xXx

  4. make most of those grandparents!

  5. Gorgeous photos! And your Nan definitely should get a toy boy, she looks fantastic!

  6. Gosh your Nan looks fabulous. I love all your pics.

    Sorry to hear you have been having a tought time.

    Mich x