Why have I never been here before....?

Taken from Eden Project website

The Eden Project


Finally got my bottom in gear and visited the Eden Project. I live in Plymouth. The Eden Project is in St Austell. The time to drive between the two? Just over an hour

The Eden Project was on my 'List of things to do before I go back to work if I feel well enough and I don't need chemo' Tuesday was the day, and boy did I enjoy it.

If you are ever anywhere near it, please please pay it a visit. I think it is one of those places you just have to say you have seen.

I keep running things over in my head about what it was I liked. Several days later I still don't think I can actually verbalise it (which for me is unusual!)

A few of the things I liked?
  • Easy to get to
  • Navigating around the site was intuitive, you can't go wrong!
  • The people who work there were so friendy and knowledgeable. They looked happy and pleased to be there! (even the the bus driver!)
  • The site itself is just breath taking (and I am not a gardener!)
  • If, instead of paying the daily admission price, you choose to make the Eden Trust a gift of the same amount, you can exchange your admission ticket for an annual pass!
  • It just didn't feel like the usual touristy place to visit, it has integrity
 If I was asked to describe The Eden Project in five words they would be

I am getting my bottom back there next week, and I can't wait!

So in answer to the title of this blog ....I have no idea

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  1. We went to The Eden Project 7 years ago now and again the following year and I loved it, we were staying in St AUstell so it was a had to do place. It is one of those Wow places, glad that you have enoyed it, and I agree I think you need more than one trip to fully appreciate it.