What's Oomph?

I tweeted earlier today

Has anyone got any 'oomph' they can send my way?

I think it must be in short supply today because I got no offers :(

So if I needed some, I was going to have to generate it myself. After getting sucked into watching Homes under the Hammer and supervising the delivery of the grocery shopping, I decided to take myself off for walk all the way to the postbox! @coffeecurls was asking for some recommendations for a different herbal tea to try and I offered to send some chocolate teabags to sample (I promise, its the future!)

Once I'd found an envelope and paper (I don't post much now!) and then negotiated with MrC about letting me out by myself (I had to promise to take my phone and text once I'd posted and was on my way back....bless) I was off on my first solo adventure post surgery.

It was fab, although climbing up the hill was a little daunting, but I was determined. There was a nice breeze, I could hear a windchimes' melodious tones mixing with the birds chirps and the seagulls cries. Neighbours gardens are blossoming with spring flowers and it was just nice to be out by myself with my own thoughts (and under my own steam!)

I was soon back, I think I was out for about 20 minutes, but I found my oomph. I'm going to look after it this time!

By the way, what's your definition of 'oomph'? I googled.....and was surprised! **blush**

For me, its an energy, a purpose, a lightening of spirit and looking forward, but how would you define oomph and what's your tips for finding it?



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