Reasons to be Cheerful Week 15 #R2BC

Phew, got away with last week, hope everyone was ok with me hosting. We had a couple of first timers joining in too, so thank you to everyone who linked up. But I'm glad it's back in the hands of Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart. Mitch, I'm happy to see you back!

Onto my week and it's been a good one.

  • I'm driving a little bit more now, just short journey's but makes me happy to be under my own steam!
  • I've discovered Draw Something (I'm faycglass if anyone wants to play! And I may be addicted)
  • I've also discovered Tweetbot (little bit in love with an app, if that's possible) and iPhoto ( why didn't I know about this app before now?)

The treadmill has been oiled, so it's not making creaky noises anymore. I've been walking without fear of a break down. If I'm being honest I did have images of it coming to an immediate stop mid stride and I'd have a comedy fall off the back, with legs going one way, head the other and knickers on show. Comedy for everyone I told, but my body is fed up with the onslaught (plus I'm running out of hash tag inspiration!!)

  • Wound is all clear now, and no longer need to see the nurse! Yay!

I tweeted yesterday that I was going

out to somewhere which wasn't Tesco, the GP surgery or my parents house and I was so happy I was doing a happy dance.

( I also later said that what I really wanted to say was that I was so excited I might wee myself, but thought it was maybe a tweet too far)

I had a great lunch with my Mum and Amy's mother-in-law to be. Jane is a wonderful, energetic and friendly woman, who introduced us to the pleasure of Cowslip Workshops near Launceston, Cornwall. It's a working farm with the side business of quilting, the art of sewing two or more layers of fabric together.

There's a treasure trove of a shop (with amazing quilts and projects on show) which gave me lots of ideas and a wonderful cafe where we had lunch. I would recommend taking a visit if you are interested in quilting or want to buy one for a special occasion. The people working there are so friendly and helpful! I bought some wonderful buttons and some fabric squares for Mum to start her first proper quilt! We've also arranged to visit Jane next week for some lessons! Again, I'm excited and looking forward to it! ( wee may or not be involved )


I was however extremely tired at the end of what was a long day, and I'm okay with that. I've spoken to my Renal Nurse who agreed with what everyone else has been telling me ( I know, I'm a bit on the slow side sometimes ) , it's okay to be tired. I'm beginning to accept it was a major operation and not something I can bounce back from quickly. And that acceptance is a good feeling.

What has also been good is seeing people, who then say I'm looking really well (hopefully not in the 'you look well' you say to a friends who's put a bit of weight on!) Jane even apologised at one point as she'd forgotten I'd had major surgery only a month ago. That makes me feel good, I feel I am improving and long may it continue

So although I am very tired (sorry twitter, I'm missing you too) I'm doing stuff and it makes me happy.





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