I know you are hurting

The silence, staring at the TV, your inactivity and inability to look forward affects others. I know the words you use are concise and correct, but tone betrays.

Responding to a conversation isn't enough when you never start one yourself.

Why should it be down to me to ask what the problem is, to probe the sore points, to find out the why's? What's wrong with coming out with what's on your mind so we can talk about it, discuss and sort?

Pretending you are okay, going through the motions, saying things in the right places isn't helping US

I want to help.

Please talk.

We are a team, we are strong, we complement each other, Yin and Yang

But not at the moment, we are disjointed, fractured, out of key, dissonant

It's a difficult time, we can cope with anything life throws, when we work together. But this isnt togetherness and I'm frightened not of the news, but how WE react.

I'm hurting too.

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