Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC week 16 - the nearly not written edition

It's my chance to round up the good things to happen this week, celebrate and reflect all the things which have made me cheerful. It's a big list!

- It was Mum's birthday and she loved her pressie! Yay! Wasn't sure if buying her an exercise bike would go down to well, but she knew where I was coming from PHEW
- Mum has gotten the quilting bug and we went back to Cowslip Farm Workshops for more supplies, inspiration and lunch! It's a beautifully inspiring place, and we need to go back next week (what a shame) so I will take some photo's to share.
- Completed a couple more projects, crocodile stitch gloves and scarf for Mum and a tea cosy for my friend Kim! What do you think?
- I've bought 2-ply hemp to try crocheting more fine and delicate projects which will be very challenging!
- James is competing in the Dartmoor Jail Break on Saturday. He needs to get as far away from the prison as possible in a week without spending any money! He's planning on walking! I expect a call at some god awful time asking for a lift back, but am very proud of him and hope he raises a lot of money
- My Mum spoke to Amy this week and my heart was lifted when she said she sounds so happy. That's all a mum can ask for, happy kids.
- MrC has bought me a new telephoto lens for my camera and a monopod! Looking forward to taking some pictures next week.
- Finally a GP (my new favourite one) has looked at my numb toes and agreed there is some nerve damage rather than fobbed me off! That's all I needed, I can live with the symptoms for a while (think I've got enough on my plate)
- I get my operation results and the next steps explained when I see the consultant on Tuesday, six weeks waiting nearly over.
- Been signed off from work for another two months. Another eight weeks to get better, relax and improve all my hobbies!
There you go, I wasn't joking about the list. Don't forget this is a linky hosted by the wonderful Michelle from Mummy From The Heart. Check out some of the others and please leave a comment or two, it makes us bloggers up very happy

PS I spent 30 minutes writing the original post and then very nearly didn't bother at all. It's been a crap week, rows, tiredness, shocked I've been signed off for so long, and the GP appointment has brought Cancer (with a capital C) to the forefront of my thoughts. Got a horrible feeling I will need chemo. However it was draining just writing it and a really crap post! So was deleted. This one is much better and uplifted me. It really works, just listing the good things makes see it was all bad, give it a go!

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