Meal Planning Monday w/c 2nd April

Haven't joined in with At Home with Mrs M's for a couple of weeks because of #tedthetumour operation but as I am now 3 weeks post op and moving into #lifeafterted phase I think its time I start back on the planning.

Still not really cooking as I'm too sore. Can't quite believe the doctors told me I would be fine after three weeks! So meals need to be easy for MrC and James to manage (with me supervising!)

Thanks to my daughter who completed an inventory of my freezer, I don't think I need much shopping! I'm not worrying too much about following Slimming World, just as long as we all get nutritious meals without resorting to too many takeaways!

I know's its Easter week, but won't be planning any fancy roasts. Maybe next week!

In no particular order:

  • Faggots, mash and vegetables
  • Fishcakes, chips and mushy peas
  • Chicken Tonight casserole with roast parsnips and carrots (haven't used a casserole mix for over a year!)
  • Meat pie, tinned potatoes and peas
  • Chilli and rice
  • Prawn stir fry
  • Bolognaise and pasta

Very basic, but doable for two guys who don't cook and only eat to live (whereas I live to eat!) Don't forget to get yourself over to Mrs M's for more meal planning menus

If you've advice for quick easy cook meals which are low calorie I can try next week please let me know, I think I'm going to be tired of their cooking by then!

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