Reasons to be Cheerful Week 14 #R2BC

It's that time to look back and celebrate the good stuff which happened this week and link up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart.....uh, no, back up a bit. Gulp!'s my turn to host....noooooo, the pressure. Be kind to me guys! Michelle's on a well deserved break with the family for Easter, but will be back as usual next week.

This is week three post operation for me and I'm feeling good. I'm still not doing very much apart from sofa surfing and watching TV, but on the plus side I'm all caught up on my viewing and I'm now the newest fan of Homes under the Hammer. I've even gotten my Mum into it and she's series linked it!

Regular readers or twitter followers will know about the saga of #gammyfoot which has made another appearance. (if you have no idea about #gammyfoot and aren't too squeamish, click here for the lowdown) I personally think #gammyfoot was getting jealous of all the attention #tedthetumour and #brokenbum was getting and needed to get in on the act. However I'm pleased to report the foot is a lot better, so much so I can get back to walking.

Which leads my nicely onto the treadmill, which has come into its own again. I bought it last year to help recuperate from my hysterectomy as walking is good for the stomach muscles and builds stamina. I live on a steep hill which makes exercising from scratch hard work. Using it means I can go as far as I want without having to worry about the walk back too! Managed to get myself up to a steady 30 minutes (while watching Homes under the Hammer) before #gammyfoot made an appearance, but will be back at it very soon.

I did however get to go out and post a letter on Tuesday! A solo walk, up the dreaded hill and back, I was very proud of myself!

Found enough concentration to get back to my crocheting too! For some reason, I've not been able to hold a thought in my head for very long (writing posts has been a little bit of a love hate relationship) and flit from activity to activity. Crocheting took a proper back seat but tried again on Monday and haven't put it down much since.

Do you like my crocodile stitch scarf?

Wow! Looking back at this post, although I've not been out much, I've still got a lot to be cheerful about! It's true when you start listing things it makes you realise how lucky you are.

There you go, there's mine. I look forward to reading all of yours. Let's face it, I've got plenty of time and a sofa crease to work on. It's either that or I may have to resort to Jeremy Kyle.......... ??! So please give me some great posts to read and link yourself up below.


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