Short and Simple...... #R2BC Week 21

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Another week and another look back, celebrate and link up with Michelle's Reasons to be Cheerful on Mummy from the Heart.

Lasts week's post (But then life would be boring...) was a little full on, but I'm pleased to say everything worked out! It inspired I Believe.... but to cut a long story short

Geoff the Gallbladder is coming out on Monday

That's it
That was the best, the all encompancing event for this week............................
Try 2

Hoorah! If you missed it, I'm scheduled for another surgery on Monday, this time to remove Geoff. Not only does it mean in a couple of weeks I will be pain free but also I get a chance to join the drugs trial. I am over the moon (to say the least) and its coloured all my actions for the rest of the week
  • I've cleaned (a bit but not too much)
  • I've meal planned
  • I bought a new little suitcase because I will staying with Mum and Dad for a few days afterwards
  • I've been for a pre-op
  • And rested....a lot

Do you know what guys, I've really tried to add some bangs and whistle's to my great news this week, but it just doesn't look, read or feel right.

The simple fact is, I'm eternally grateful to two doctors who worked together to make the gallbladder surgery a reality. It's scheduled for Monday.

It means I can be part of the drugs trial I desperately want to be included on. It means I get scans and blood tests everything three months even if I'm in the placebo group. It means lots of people looking at my scans, which has got to be a good thing!

The rest of my week has been shaped by the news and pales to insignificance. I'm sorry it's short.

But this is how I feel

Eternally Grateful

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  1. What fantastic news, definitely a huge reason to be cheerful. All the best for Monday xx