Reasons to be Cheerful Week 19 - BGT

Time to link up with Michelle from Mummy From the Heart to record and be thankful for the small things which have made me cheerful this week. The premise is even if your week has been absolutely dreadful (and I've had my fair share recently) there are always some little glimmers tucked away in there somewhere.

I try and reframe my 'not so good days' (bad days are banned) and come at them from a positive angle. Michelle has done exactly that in her post this week, I urge you to click here and take a look to show your support. I feel she is in need this week.

My week has been dominated by two events, both big events, things to be cheerful about. I'm looking forward to both, but for very different reasons!

My oncology appointment has finally arrived! Two weeks after learning Ted was cancer, I'm seeing an oncologist next last! All that whingeing and chasing (plus a bit of taking control and complaining has paid off) I won't dwell on what I went through, my posts over the last couple of weeks say it all, but at least I have it.

I can look forward to understanding what the next steps are, take control of my life a bit and plan. Anyone who knows me, knows I like a bit of planning!

But onto the second event.

I love my job

I love my company

I love Red, who is my companies chief values officer (yes this is picture of him, let me know if you want to hear more about him, he's lovely)

I'm so lucky

I'm going to the final on Saturday of Britains Got Talent, courtesy of Red!!! I won the tickets in an internal works competition and I am so happy I could burst! Something to look forward to, something a little bit exciting and different, something to brighten up my recuperation.

I'll admit, I'm very nervous, it's a long way to go and I still get tired very easily, but sod it!

Train tickets are booked, I'm travelling up on Friday night and staying with Amy so I can rest up during the day. I've not been to her new place yet, so that's something to look forward to too. Plus I may get to meet her wonderful housemates who have been looking after her. A chance for me to say thank you in person.

So all in all Fay is a very happy bunny!

PS Pudsey to win!



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