Reasons to be Cheerful Week 18 - Sherlock #R2BC

It's that time again to look back on the week and note down the stuff which have cheered me and link with Michelle from Mummy from the Heart. I'll be honest it has been a tough week (which I've blogged here) Having cancer is crap "No shit Sherlock!"

However life goes on

Wednesday was a great day because the weather was glorious. Managed to get up to 19 degrees. The sun inspired me to take Fritz for a lovely walk and he really behaved himself. He can be a bit of handful sometimes. And someone else who behaved himself was MrC who took a turn on The Hoe with me. That's a big deal in our house! MrC doesn't get out too much at the moment.

I also cooked a macaroni cheese from scratch! Go me!

I took another trip to Cowslip Farm Workshop with Jane and my Mum. We had a lovely lunch and a chin wag. While they bought loads of lovely fabric I sat outside (not as fit as I hoped yet) and I could hear the lambs bleating in the fields, cows mooing back at them and the birds chirping. No cars, buses, TV or radio. Silence with a hint of nature. Just wonderful.

This is a picture of part of the garden, beautiful

Amy is coming home for the Bank Holiday weekend and I get to see her new hair in person! I'm now going to cheer myself up with before and after photo's. I hope she doesn't kill me!

My crochet project is coming along! Doesn't look much, but a big achievement for me! I'm actually following a pattern! Okay, we won't mention this is my second attempt as the first one was a disaster!

And a family roast is planned at Mum and Dad's this Sunday where I'm planning to partake in champagne and port with my cheese after. I've not had a drink for so long (Christmas I think) but I just fancy it. And like they say (not sure who, but I like it) a little but of what you fancy does you good.

Looking forward to next week, lets hope I get my Oncology appointment and they tell me the news they don't need to offer me any treatment and I have been worrying unnecessarily.

Watch this space


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