I Believe...

Sometimes you just have to believe it's going to work out, that all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together so you can see the bigger picture. That people are going to do the right thing because its just the right thing to do even if its not the process.

I believed!!!

Yes you guessed it, pesky Geoff is coming out. I've also had confirmation I will be eligible to be included in the drugs trial. Yay!!! 

My two surgeon's have worked together and I'm going in for Geoff removal next Monday

I've still got to be well enough following surgery to start the drugs trial. I need to ensure I look after myself between now and then and stay as healthy as possible. The mind is a brilliant thing, am sure with your help and a positive outlook it will work out.

I believe

Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right.  ~Henry Ford

This post is following on from 'But then life would be boring...'


  1. Excellent, wonderful news Fay. So happy for you!

  2. Hooray, the surgeons will do a brilliant job of getting Geoff out and you *are* going to be well enough. You can do this!