Reasons to be Cheerful Week 7 #R2BC

This week's Reasons to be Cheerful is being hosted by Claire from Seasider in the City, so don't forget to get yourselves over there and show some love! 

I've managed to get my mojo back and wrote about it yesterday (I'm Back) Not feeling so great today though ( I'm not as bad as I was with this post I am not a patient number ) but at least I know I can be normal! 

My company have suggested I work from home while I wait for an operation date. Monday I couldn't face work at all, I felt I was letting everyone down and because my brain isn't in a good place, I was also stressing about mistakes I could make. So to be able to take it easy, work from home and be available if anyone who is taking over my workload have questions, is amazing and very compassionate. 

I've decided to use the waiting time to get fitter (well as fit as three possible weeks will allow, better than nothing!) So booked for a one to one session with Les at my gym to improve my workout. He was brilliant, very kind, compassionate and understanding. He's put together a gentle programme to build up my core strength with 8 exercises, low weight, which I complete as a circuit. Plan to visit every day and am sure I will see results very soon.

I'm getting a lot of love and support on Twitter and Facebook which is keeping me going and I have also recommitted to the Serenity Prayer to stop myself getting so stressed about things I can't control! Long may it continue!

Take care everyone and here's to another good week and hopefully the news next week I have a date to get rid of #tedthetumour

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