Reasons to be Cheerful Week 5 #R2BC

Think this is the first time this year, I've managed to get my reasons from the brilliant and wonderful Michelle at Mummy from the Heart published on Thursday. I've always been a day or two late. If I thought last week's was a slog, this week has been a challenge! 

Yesterday (I can't believe it was only yesterday) I went for an ultrasound scan to look at my gallbladder to see if it needed surgery. While there, the radiographer had a look around all my other bits and pieces. Bit like when the car is on the ramp for the brakes, why wouldn't you take a look at the exhaust at the same time?

So I'm lying there enduring the cold gel and the fact it gets everywhere, when she says she going to get the consultant to check out 'something' she can see on my right kidney. "Its probably {{insert medical term I don't understand}} but want my boss to check it out"  Second opinion lady (very nice too and a senior consultant to boot) comes in, very reassuring and agrees. Nothing to worry about but will order a CT scan and get it checked in more detail. "Ultrasounds can sometimes create more questions than provide answers" , blah de blah, reassuring spiel.

Alarm bells are going off, but I'm a calm person, no need to worry until I'm fully informed and in possession of the facts. Ring round the special people in my life (sorry if you didn't get a call :))  let them know (my daughter asked what was she going to do when she needed a spare kidney now!? Oh how we laughed) and carried on with my day.

Get home from work when my GP calls to drop the bombshell. The  ** 'something' is a 6 cm tumour; It will need to be removed and soon. Won't know the prognosis until its removed as a biopsy is needed before deciding its cancer, either way, its coming out. (I've papraphased heavily, you don't want the full conversation I'm sure, but let me know....)

So can you see why I'm struggling this week?

But I can see a glimmer of cheerfulness in this, this is what makes me..... well me.

Wow! I've got a tumour, which I didn't know I had, have had no symptoms of and it was found by accident??? How fortuitous is that?

Personally I don't think you can ask for more, someone is looking after me. When would it have been found? How big would it have gotten (cos I don't know about you, 6cm seems big enough!) I am very very lucky (maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this week??!)

I'll deal with the rest of the crap as it comes up, and I know you'll all think I'm off my rocker, but please allow me this one indulgence.
Oh, and the GP said I may be able to get a two for one surgery and have my gallbladder out at the same time! Result!
** thinking of calling it Ted the Tumour, what do you think? Got any better names?

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