We are a family of pragmatists with a hint of black humour, as aptly demonstrated by an e-mail from my brother, who emigrated to New Zealand over two years ago

Subject: Hello

Now I know you are worried, I only seem to email when I'm having surgery! Well sorry to break it to you but guess what?

Yep, surgery again.  This time for a tumour on my kidney. I've been having problems with my gallbladder and was referred for a ultrasound. Normal procedure is to check the other organs while they are there and luckily for me, they found it!

Someone is looking out for me! I have no symptoms!

On the plus side, they will probably remove my gallbladder at the same time, so two for the price of one!!

Won't know what the next steps are until they remove and biopsy it, but will keep you upto date and am pretty sure I will be blogging it!!

Anyway, love you, love to Juliet and my niece and nephew. Promise I will get my Skype sorted eventually!

Take care

His reply
Subject: FW Hello
Hi Fay,

Sort of don't know what to say really except get well soon (except you're not ill ill but potentially ill).  I have no idea what the gallbladder does unless I Google it and spend a few minutes on Wikipedia.  Obviously it's not important otherwise they won't be whipping it out.  I'll Google it later.

Anyway, chin up, don't peg out on us just yet and all (do you know how much it'd cost me to fly back for your funeral?!  Have a heart.  We're trying to get a new bathroom fitted and Juliette wants a Victorian slipper bath with claw feet, not some plastic do-dah from the local B&Q).

Sorry for the late reply, I hope this isn't the last e-mail you read before going under, or worse, the e-mail MrC sorts through because yes, you did expire on the operating table.  Hello MrC.  How's things?  Obviously not good at the moment...

If you do die, don't Skype me.  At least not with the Video On.  Sam being one year old would be okay, he hasn't a clue bless him, but Eva's four and half now and knows about dead things.  Questions will be asked.

All I can say to that is 

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  1. You & your family have an amazing out look on life which I think many of us could learn from! Despite everything you don't forget humour x