Meal Planning Monday w/c 27th February

It's Monday and it's meal planning! Weight loss is going a bit screwy at the moment, another pound on this week. Got nothing to do with all the chocolate I have been consuming! No, nothing at all. It's got to be muscle from going to the gym every day to strengthen up for the kidney removal. You'd agree?  Please agree......, please!????

Either way, I've still got to eat so onwards and upwards for this weeks meal planning and if mine don't float your boat, you can always take a look over at At Home with Mrs M for more menu options.

This week for our delectation we have:

Slow Cooker Gammon, Slimming Worlds Chips and Egg (Syn Free) Didn't have it last week!
Spicy Meatballs and Spaghetti
Homemade fish cakes with ratatouille
Sausage Casserole with pasta..............

I started to write this, then lost my planning mojo, sat at the computer for a while and thought sod it! Just go shopping! 

I normally check what I need from the cupboards, sit down and think what I fancy, then go shopping. Today it wasn't floating my boat. So I was a maverick and ....... just went shopping, no list, nothing, nada.......scary! 

It could have been messy, but I only spent £63 and have got all of the following planned

Beef Stew (will be eaten over two nights as I still can't make a small one!)
Slow cooker gammon with roasted sweet potato, aubergine and tomatoes
Chilli con carne and rice
Ranchero Pie
Mince and onions with leeks, cabbage, carrots and sprouts
Piri Piri chicken with roasted vegetables
Stir fry prawns and vegetables with noodles
Seafood risotto
Butternut squash soup
Homemade fishcakes with beans

WOW! 10 meals, will be carrying some of those over! This way I've got more a choice over the next few days, which is what I need and a chance to enjoy cooking what I feel like.

Am also venturing into the world of Lemon Couscous cake, every tried it!? Nope, me neither, but will let you know how I get on!

Take care and don't forget to let me know which meals take your fancy by leaving a comment. Comments make me a happy blogger!!! :)

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