'Brave Face? Anyone got a spare one?'

I tweeted the title of this post earlier today and then felt maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe putting a brave face on isn't the done thing, especially when I'd said earlier in the week, proudly and bravely 'I'm Back'

But do you know what, I don't think there is anything wrong with putting on a brave face, its no different to paying special attention to how you look. 

How many of us have agonised over the outfit to wear for an important meeting or interview? The appraisal with the boss? Or a teacher conference to attend, where we think we are going to be told our little dear is not as delightful to teach as they used to be (No?!...is that just me?) 

Wearing the right clothes can create a good impression on others but also give us confidence. As Shakespeare said

'Clothes Maketh the Man'

It's the same as 'putting on your face' in the morning to meet the world, that layer of carefully applied foundation and maybe kick ass red lipstick to say look at me, I'm okay. And if even you are not, the layer, the layer of confidence in the way you look, can rub off and start to affect how you really feel. Practice that confidence and the 'can do kick ass attitude' and you begin to believe in it too.

And that's what I meant when I said I needed a brave face. I just needed some help to face the world. I needed to slap the veneer of positivity to me. This is what will build me up, bolster and point me in the right direction; to keep going and feel better and create the attitude I need to experience this stage of my life without turning into a total basket case!

So not only did Shakespeare say 'Clothes Maketh the Man

Friedrich Nietzsche also said 
'What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger' 

Both statements are applicable and equally interchangeable! 

PS - Any excuse for a pic of Joseph Fiennes! 

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