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The wonderful @TheBoyAndMe tagged me in this meme which was originally started by Mummy Musings. I love these type of meme's, because they are easy! How difficult can it be to talk about yourself? And, come on, lets be honest we all love to have a blog discussion with I in the title!

I was going to be all scientific (the Virgo in me) and check my Internet history, but realised because I browse on so many different devices (MrC's computer, my iPad and iPhone and work laptop) plus just upgraded to iPad 2, it was going to be very difficult! So decided to just go with my gut.

- Twitter
I am addicted to it, I miss it when I don't get chance to take a peek through the day and add my tuppence ha'penny to the stream. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, I find stuff out, it intrigues and entertains me. I've made new friends and connections, it inspires and keeps me going on the bad days. I'm @FayC if you want to follow!

- Gmail or Googlemail
When I got my iPhone, I decided to change my e-mail and gmail seemed to be the easiest one to get up and running. I check it most days and it keeps me up to date with blogs, twitter mentions and DM's, blogs I subscribe to. Not to mention the offers of two for one pizza's!

Been using this site for film information for what seems forever. If I'm watching a TV programme or film and the name of the actor is on the tip of my tongue or I think I've seen him/her in something else, this site is my go to. I can rarely get through a film without checking it out for something!

You can search by actor, film or TV programme, character name, director etc. Everything is crossed referenced, can see what else the actor's been in, their biography, trivia etc. Also has reviews of the films and where they were on location. You can see where I am going with this, keeps me amused for hours!

I use e-mail a lot at work, I write a lot of stuff for various things, plus I enjoy blogging. At times I get stuck for a word, or have used it too often in a paragraph and need a substitute. There aren't that many people physically sat in my work office and MrC sometimes just wants some peace and quiet. So instead of bouncing my word dilemma around them, I use the site. It really does work, giving me alternatives, but often it also helps me use words in a different way. Plus there's a handy tab at the top which takes you to it's sister site,! 

- Google
I know there are lots of different search engines out there, but this is my search engine of choice. I find it easy to use and I use it ....a lot! If I hear or read something and it piques my interest, I'm off learning a bit more about it. This leads me off to read articles on other subjects. It's just so effortless to get lost in the subject, clicking links, reading and learning, absorbing information, sifting through and deciding if I believe it or if it fits in with my belief systems. There is a lot of crap on the Internet, but its fun when you find the good stuff too!

So that's my list of five, just realised they are linked with a common theme, finding out information. Now what does that say about me!

If you want to be tagged, let me know and I'll add you on. And I apologise now for people on my list below, I've added without asking, feel free to ignore/delete if you wish, I won't be offended!

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