Random stuff which makes me happy (part 2)

I was inspired to write 'part 1' in the summer by @ImSoBlogin and her post and as I have a tendancy to let my mind wander (especially when I have a lot to do, busy at work and tight deadlines!) it wandered back to that part of my brain and decided to compile a new list

So here is my happy list part 2

Wrapping up warm in my Slanket in front of the telly
A delicious casserole, especially from the slow cooker!
The colour of the leaves
Blue skies, enjoying them while I can
The slight bite in the air of the promised cold weather
Watching Fritz run around the house in unabashed joy and excitement, barking like a loon when I get home from work
Walking through fallen leaves and kicking them up like I'm seven again
Writing to do lists
Making winter vegetable soups
Listening to the sound of rain on my bedroom window at night
Comments left on my blog
5p off fuel voucher
Crossing stuff off my to do list
Christmas anticipation
Big mug of tea and a biscuit
Going to the gym
A big hug
A completed to do list
Adele albums

So, over to you! What makes you happy? Let me know by leaving a comment or maybe blogging and linking back to mine, whatever makes you happy!

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