Meal Planning Monday...but on Tuesday

It's Tuesday, so its Meal Planning Monday. Errr....maybe not! Been a while since I've joined in, been a while since I've followed the Slimming World eating plan. Lots of reason, some good, some not so good! But no point beating myself up about it.

It's time to pick myself up and start the planning again. So here's to it

Monday was Chilli Con Carne (syn free) and left overs are for lunch!

The rest of the week in no particular order
Slow cooker gammon with stir fry vegetables & rice (syn free)
Gammon in creamy sauce, pasta and green salad (2 syns for the sauce)
Fish, slimming world chips and mushy peas (6 syns for the processed fish, frozen portion)
Homemade burger in a roll, spicy wedges and coleslaw (2 syns with roll as HE)
Roast chicken, *roasted vegetable and gravy (2 syns for the gravy)
Cottage pie and vegetables (syn free)

So that will be my week! Wish me luck, I am going to need it.....

* left over vegetables will be made into a filling soup, portioned and frozen for lunches

Get yourself over to At Home with Mrs M and get your fill of other more dedicated meal planners (more dedicated than me I mean!)  for more inspiration! 

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