Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
It's been a while, not that I haven't been cheerful, just the celebrating and recording it. But think its time to give it another go. Don't they say (whoever they are?!) if you want something to happen, write it down, a bit like a self fulfilling prophecy. And from Michelle's site she's writes we feel better when we ooze positivity and set ourselves up for the next week.

My week didn't start too well, with this 'What I saw and heard' but I'm not one for letting things get me down for long, so here goes;

1 My #gammyfoot is getting better, can see light at the end of the tunnel. I've been suffering with an infection for over a month, am on my third batch of antibiotics (which need to be taken on an empty stomach! How hard is that! See my weighty battle posts for info!!!!) However, I have a treatment plan, I know what the next steps will be and feel more in control. And just to warn you, I am thinking about blogging about it, WITH PICTURES! I love a bit of gore! You'll be fine about that ....won't you?

2 Again, another health one, my #brokenbum or coccyx is still causing me considerable pain. However, again, I have a treatment plan, which although it doesn't take the pain away, it makes me mentally feel prepared and in control. I fell in the bath over three months ago and although it doesn't stop me from moving around and doing things, it does stop me from sitting down and relaxing (one of my favourite pass times!)

The plan is to give it another month, with plenty of painkillers, give it more time to heal, and then x-rays to see whats going on. Not much of a plan, but amazing how something simple like this has made a difference.

3 Maybe not one for me per se, but goodness, makes me feel really warm and happy inside. Amy has found somewhere permanent to live, no more sofa surfing in that there London. She's sharing a flat with a couple in Canada Water, not far from where she works. She seems more settled and happier. With her new address, will come more opportunities to build a circle of friends and support, so things are coming together. The more settled she is, the happier I am!

So there you go, my reasons! Why not have a go yourself and leave a comment. No matter how crappy your week has been, there is always something, some small scrap of light and colour to grab onto in these cold and dark evenings, to keep yourself together and looking forward.

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