Meal Planning Monday w/c 21st of November

Two weeks running I've managed to plan out menu's! Maybe the Virgo in me is back! Lost a pound this week with my Slimming World plan, lets see what I can manage this week!

I'm working away three nights (if you include Sunday) so the boys are going to have to fend for themselves. This will probably mean ice-cream, cereal or fried egg on toast. It's only 3 days out of 7, they will live.....yes, they will live?

So meals this week are:-

Cottage pie (frozen from last week) with potato and parsnip mash on the top (syn free)
Gammon & slimming world chips (Syn free) I am a little addicted to gammon at the moment!
Ranchero Pie (3 Syns) I will be blogging about it for @ReluctantHousedads #RecipeShed
Good old fashioned beef stew (Syn free if you don't have dumplings)

Made and froze 4 portions of vegetable soup this weekend, so that's my lunches covered. Plus left over roasted vegetables from today, will be a filling lunch in the morning. 

Well, that's it this week, check out my post on Wednesday/Thursday if you are interested in the Ranchero Pie recipe

Plus, get yourself over to At Home with Mrs M for more meal plans! 

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