What have I done.....?

I've gone and done it, something I said I was going to do when a goal was reached, something I have never done before.

It's not anything amazing for some people, in fact it's an everyday event for a lot of adults throughout the country, but for me it's a big deal. It was something this time last year I never thought would be possible. For me this is a big deal.....for me this is another milestone in the journey called 'My Life' for I have........

                                                                                       .....joined a gym!

Me!? .......have actually committed to do some formal, regular exercise! At a gym!

Me!?.......who this time last year couldn't face walking to the top of (very steep....I'll have you know) the my hill.

Me??.......who took the car everywhere and got knackered just doing the weekly shop and carrying it back into the house.

I've taken control and decided the next part of my weight loss is to do more exercise. Although I'm still wearing my pedometer and aiming to complete 10,000 steps each day, walking, no matter how briskly, takes a large part out of the day. I did walk over 15 miles at the weekend but I'm finding I need to walk for at least 90 minutes each day during the week to make up for my sedentary office job. It's hard finding the time.

My weight loss, although going in the right direction is still slow and I need to speed it up. I'm not about to fail or use the lack of time as an excuse. I need to do a more structured and targeted exercise regime ......so here I am, with a gym membership(me??! A gym member!)

I planned to do it when I reached a particular weight, but now is the right time. When I discovered one affiliated with the local hospital I thought I'd give it a go. A look around made me feel this was the right decision. The people who worked there were friendly and welcoming. I didn't feel judged and the users I saw were, well, normal and regular. Not the airbrushed, lip glossed beauty's I imagined, or the muscle bound young men, working on their six pack (Mind you that might not have been a bad thing.........) but I wouldn't have felt comfortable, lugging myself around with super fit people watching on and laughing.

It's amazing what your mind conjures up, what it can stop you from you doing because of what you envisage will happen or imagine what people think about you.

But it's also the part, which has made me determined and given me the courage to try something so out of my comfort zone.

Tomorrow is my induction day, I have a gym buddy (my daughter) and I'm giving it a go. And do you know what? Deep down, I'm really looking forward to it (I just need to keep telling myself that!)

Remember this post? Delia and Davina...? Well, I feel I am a little bit nearer to my goal! 

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  1. Well done and good luck with the gym. And you are walking loads too, I need to follow your lead! X