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Recipe Shed time again from Keith at the Chronicles of the Reluctant Housedad! Love the theme this week which is 'Hand-Me-Down'

My hand-me-down comes with a story and a recipe book, The Dairy Book of Home Cookery. Does anyone recognise it?
This copy was printed in 1977 and I stole borrowed it from parents and never took it back. It's full of postcards my Dad sent home when he was in the Navy and hand written notes from my Mum on how to cook dinner when she was working late. It's full of memories, I used it for my 'O' level cookery exam (which I failed!) and is my go to book for basic recipes for cakes, biscuits or pastry.

It's also a great example of 70's cuisine, recipes for hor d'oeurves, fondue and a section called 'Food from Europe' where lasagne is an exotic dish! 

One piece at the front made me smile.

Care of Milk
Ask the milkman to leave it in a shady place away from the direct sunlight and avoid leaving it on the doorstep for too long. If you find birds are helping themselves invest in some discs which fit over the bottle tops
When was the last time you saw milk on the doorstep? No, me neither!

So onto the recipe (not a slimming world one, I'm afraid) which I know as Toledo Pancakes, however when I ummm...... inherited this recipe book, I discovered it was actually called Toreador Pancakes! Will always be Toledo to me!

A batch of pancakes or a pack of shop bought
Tin of corned beef, chopped into pieces
Large onion, chopped
Tin of condensed tomato soup
Packet of ready salted crisps, crushed up

Fry the onion until golden
Add the corned beef and fry for two minutes
Layer in a casserole dish the corned beef mix and pancakes (like you would for lasagne)
Pour the soup over the top and sprinkle the crisp over the soup
Re-heat in the centre of the oven, around 200 c until warmed through

I serve it with broccoli or peas and it is delicious. It may sound terrible, but it does work.

So I will leave you with the image of where my Dad got the original recipe from!

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