Meal Planning Monday w/c 26th of September
Here I am writing this on Sunday while I complete the online shop at the same time! Works beautifully for me although I do sort of object to the delivery fee, but £3.50 has got to be worth the time it saves! 

I've checked my freezer which is full to bursting, so don't think we'll be trying anything new this week. Just old favourites to use up what's in there!

I managed to lose a pound this week on Slimming World, despite a very off plan lunch for Amy's graduation, which I  thoroughly enjoyed. Plus I won't mention the KFC I had on Friday, because that was after weigh in so won't count until next week! 

Onto this week's menu, which I'm hoping will keep me on track

Frozen breaded fish, slimming world chips and mushy peas (About 7 syns)
Beef Stew and dumplings (free if I don't have the dumplings! Will try and be good!)
Chili con carne and rice which MrC is going to cook (Syn free and super good as he will be using quorn and loads of veg)
Baked potato, beans and cheese (Syn free as the cheese will be my HE)
Chicken pieces with roasted Mediterranean veg and garlic (Syn free as the chicken will be skinless)
Hot Dog sausages and spicy wedges (3 syns per sausage)

I think its a rounded menu, with a bit of everything, plus its easy to cook and no excuse for cheating! Don't forget to get yourself over to At Home With Mrs M to check out and get some inspiration from other menu planners.

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