Meal Planning Monday - w/c 19th September

My goodness, doesn't that week fly! Well, I made it! Very busy, very stressful, but I got through it, plus managed to not deviate from last week's meal planner. I think this is a first.

Not only that, but I also managed to lose the 3lb's I'd put on while away on holiday. Very pleased with myself. And now because I have joined a gym, I am planning on a steady 1 to 2 pound loss each week (notice the positive language!?) 

We all plan and join this meme for different reasons, mine is to lose weight with Slimming World and use my blog like I would if I went to classes (I use the online subscription which means I have no excuse to miss anything!) It also means I keep organised all thanks to At Home With Mrs M. Go over and take a look for other reasons to plan, and why not add a comments with your favourite meals? 

So onto this week and my planned 1lb loss, in no particular order:

Breaded fish, slimming world chips and mushy peas (about 7 Syns)
Chickpea and roasted red pepper pilaf  (2.5 Syns)
Slow cooker beef & tomato with vegetable couscous (2 Syns)
Meatballs, spaghetti and green salad (Syn free)
Stuffed red pepper and salad (2 Syns)
Steak and baked potato (Syn free)
Beans on toast (Syn free if the bread is your HE) (Its my daughter's University Graduation ceremony, so I won't be cooking much!)

The stuffed peppers were inspired by a post from Reluctant Housedad meme, Recipe Shed, which I have adapted to be Slimming World friendly. Am really looking forward to it! 

Well that is my week, check back and see if I get my pound loss!

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