Meal Planning Monday w/c 29th August

Although its a Bank Holiday and the last one of the summer, meals still need to be cooked and planned! So once again on a Sunday evening I am planning, blogging and Internet shopping, and I love it! 

This is from the person who once upon a time hated the idea of shopping for food over the Internet. Now I can see how much time it saves! Plus I have a system.

  • I sit down and check what food I have in the freezer
  • Consult any new recipe books or the most recent Slimming World magazine for inspiration
  • Ask the rest of the family what they fancy
  • Ignore that and choose what I want to cook (and more importantly eat)
  • Blog it on the fantastic At Home With Mrs M Meal Planning Monday
  • Complete my Internet order, choosing a time when I won't be here to put it away and its someone else's problem! 

So onto this week, in no particular order, we will be having: (All Slimming World inspired)

Steak, Slimming World Chips and salad (Syn free)
Roast Chicken and all the trimmings (2 Syns)
Chili Con Carne and rice (Syn free)
Homemade burgers with spicy wedges (Syn free)
Slow cooker beef and tomato with vegetable couscous (2 Syns)
Chicken salad with fruity coleslaw (2 Syns)

It's my birthday on Friday, hoping to go out for dinner, which is why we are one meal short.

Lunches will be mainly left overs, but I did have a productive weekend cooking up veggies left in the fridge and came up with six portions of butternut squash and carrot tagine with rice. They are currently in my freezer but will take them into work to reside there. I have no excuse for when I can't be bothered now!

Plus I portioned up two bolognaise and pasta and a couple of left over cannelloni! I won't be going hungry for a while!

So what are you planning this week? Go and check out At Home With Mrs M for more inspiration (or just plain nosiness!) 

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